The Guardian Foundation is a non-profit Organisation offering residential Out of Home Care services for children and young people with varying support needs who are between twelve and eighteen years of age.

The Guardian Foundation funds and supports Guardian Youth care and Guardian Disabilities service and over sees the quality practices that they provide to children and young people. The Guardian Foundation is the fundamental body making a brighter future possible for children and young people being cared for at Guardian Youth care and Guardian Disabilities.

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Young Man in Despair

The Guardian Foundation and its subsidiaries have been providing residential out of home care for disadvantaged youth since 2002. The young people cared for are in state care and have been removed from their families due to neglect, domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and a range of other shocking and appalling family circumstances.

These life experiences have a devastating effect on children and young people and in many cases translate into very challenging behaviours. The Guardian Foundation prides itself on the fact that it primarily works with the high end care needs including self harm, violence, aggressiveness, drug and alcohol issues, sexual inappropriateness and a range of other serious behaviours. Guardian Foundation has had a great deal of success working with young people between 12-17 years of age, providing around the clock housing and staff, keeping them safe and getting them back on track.

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Phone: 1300 857 972
PO Box 219 Burwood NSW 1805